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Selling Leads

(1 - 2 out of 2 total Selling Leads)

  • Sell Monaka and Pan Cake

    Green tea monaka -Use carefully selected glutinous rice powder using nature coloring matter, satisfy customer's needs. Rice Cake Cookie - Strawberry -Packed all monaka, manju,...
    Related Keywords : Monaka, Cookies, Snacks, bakery

    Sell Monaka and Pan Cake

  • Sell Candy and Jelly

    Vitamin lemon candy -Combination of fragrant, fresh & sour Blueberry candy -Combination of blueberry & candy Raspberry candy -Contain raspberry fruit juice Red ginseng candy...
    Related Keywords : Sweeteners, Confectionery, Jelly, Candy

    Sell Candy and Jelly

(1 - 2 out of 2 total Selling Leads)


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  • Candy & Jelly

    Candy & Jelly
    Vitamin lemon candy Combination of fragrant, fresh...
  • Snack

    Corn chip You can feel crunch taste with well baked...
  • Cookie

    Green tea Accouplet green tea cream in...
  • Monaka & Pan Cake

    Monaka & Pan Cake
    Green tea monaka Use carefully selected...